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The Hardest Thing To Do In This World, Is To Live In It.

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29th October 2008

You'll never guess whats moved in to my garage.
A KITTEN!!! random I know. so, I'm thinking about
keeping him. He is around 4 weeks old and very
cute. Well, I better get back to work. I'll try and update
again soon. I hope every one is having a good  day.
See ya

Current Mood: dorky

23rd September 2008

12:15am: Sorry

Sorry, I've been gone so long. I promise to give a real update
about my life soon. Thank you to everybody for sticking with me.

23rd March 2008

12:50am: You know what?
The whole world can just fuck off today and it can really do it again tomorrow.

PS: If you haven't guessed I'm having a really bad day.
Current Mood: enraged

14th February 2008

 Happy Valentines day!
Current Mood: blah

30th October 2007

Happy Birthday, Nnifers!

I hope you have a great birthday.
Current Mood: cheerful
12:07pm: Survey Thing


I thought some people might want to know me better



Current Mood: bored

19th October 2007

2:28pm: I think I'm losing my mind.
Current Mood: crazy

8th October 2007

3:03pm: I wish I knew how to fix my broken heart
Current Mood: sad

3rd September 2007

8:38pm: Do you know what make life fun?
The fact that life is always changing. One day your life this pathetic mess, and you decided to take a chance and say hi to this amazing girl. Then you talk to this girl all night, and you are really connecting. Now five days later you are still talking to this person and you’ve realized that this might be the one you’ve been searching for. Isn’t love great?

Well thank you for listening to ‘oh my god I feel like I’m a teenager again’ rant. I hope all is well for every one
Good Night
Current Mood: loved

24th August 2007

You Are a Ferris Wheel

Deep down, you are a fun, whimsical, and easygoing person.
You often enjoy life for what it is, and the littlest changes in course can be quite thrilling.
In relationships, people tend to feel what you feel. It can be liberating at first...
But after a while, the people closest to you end up feeling a little trapped.

Your life has perfectly normal cycles of ups and downs.
However, you can't help but sometimes feel that you're missing out on the most exciting aspects of life.
You only are happy when you're experiencing the highest of highs.
Your low points just make you feel depressed, restless, and bored.

At your best, you feel on top of the world with a great sense of perspective.
You believe that anything is possible, and that you are happily looking down on everyone else.
At your worst, you feel like your life is going in circles. You often feel like you're not going anywhere.
This is sometimes psychologically disorienting. And sometimes it brings on a sense of hopelessness.
Current Mood: bored
You Are a a Margarita Woman

You live most of your life in "Margaritaville", and everyone who knows you knows it.
You can party with the best of them - and you're really up for anything!
You're the type who's most likely to do body shots or enter a bikini contest.
You prefer to date a man as lively as you are... he has to keep up!
Current Mood: lazy

5th August 2007

12:03am: I hate the rain. I don't hate the rain all the time but now my house is flooded. And with more rain on the way I don't really see help any time soon. so I hate the rain. Now I get the fun task of trying find a new place to live while I fix my house. I hope everyone is well.
Current Mood: annoyed

26th June 2007

12:45am: I know I've been gone for a while. In the last month I've had every good thing in my life taken away from me. I lost my job. The girl I am in love with is engaged to her psychotic boyfriend. And my bi-polar symptoms got out of control and I had a manic episode that my doctors said was caused by stress. So in other words my life has turned into total shit. I hope all is well for everyone else.
Current Mood: depressed

30th March 2007

12:04am: I had to tell the whole world how happy I am right now. I quit my terrible job and got better one all in the same day. Finally, life is starting to look up. I just hope that this job is really better than the last.

I also wanted to say "Hey, Hows it going?" to anyone who is reading this.
Current Mood: excited

21st November 2006

10:31pm: Because I'm bored
You Are 44% Evil

You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.
Current Mood: depressed

12th August 2006

1:21am: Because I told Electra I would
Please comment with answers. :p

1. Name:
2. Age/Birthday:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band/Rapper/Artist:
7. Favorite Book/Comic Book:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Favorite TV Show:
10. Favorite Video Game/Board Game:
11. Do we know each other outside of Live journal?
12. Would you give me a kidney?
13. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
14. If you could change anything about your current life, would you?
15. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Current Mood: sore

4th July 2006

2:29am: I've decided that I will never understand women, and the sad thing is that I am a woman. My ex-girlfriend found out that I'm getting out of my wheelchair and will be able to walk in the next few day. she starts calling me wanting to know how I'm doing and would I like to go out some time.I don't really know what to say. All I can think about now is how bad our break up was. I left her after I found out she was pregnant. At first I was going to stay and help her with the baby, but after I found out that she had been cheating on me for so long that she did not know who the father was. I had to leave because I couldn't handle that kind of betrayal. now she wants to get back together, and I don't know what to do.
Current Mood: confused

21st June 2006

5:40pm: Hey everybody,

I'm sending out a major cry for help. I'm so bored. All I can do for the next three week is lay in bed and do nothing. I think I should thank the heavens for laptop and wireless internet. So if anyone knows of any good fic. Please send me a link.
Current Mood: bored

14th June 2006

5:15pm: I am happy to announce that I am finally home from the hospital. Sadly I can't really go out and celebrate because I still have a big hole in my head. But it’s still good to be home. I’m still really stressed about my life but at least I’m less depressed. Mostly I hope that I don’t have to go back to the hospital for a while.
Current Mood: uncomfortable

6th June 2006

Your Love Style is Eros
For you, love is all about the passion! And chances are, you're currently in love. You have a strong physical response to love... And you are great at committing (As long as the person makes your toes curl!)
Current Mood: amused

3rd June 2006

Your Deadly Sins
Lust: 100%
Envy: 80%
Greed: 60%
Wrath: 60%
Pride: 40%
Sloth: 40%
Gluttony: 20%
Chance You'll Go to Hell: 57%
You'll die of a yet to be discovered STD.
Current Mood: amused

19th May 2006

11:25pm: I'm starting to that my life really sucks. Lately I starting to wonder why I still living it. Honestly right now, I can't think of one reason. I know I'm starting to sound like a real whiner but it like I can’t catch a single fucking break. I’m still recovering from an accident that happed in the beginning of last October. Because of my accident, I lost my job, spent ton of time in and out of the hospital, and because in broke I had to drop out of school. Right now, I feel like I’ve lost everything.
Sorry, for the depressing rant.

Current Mood: depressed

3rd May 2006

12:57pm: Happy birthday to me! thankfully my life is starting to great better. I have been very sick these last few weeks. But I feeling better. I hope that everyone has a great day
Current Mood: happy

5th April 2006

11:45pm: Following the trend
You Are Hockey

Tough, athletic, and not afraid of a fight.
You don't mind putting your body on the line!

Well I did play hockey when I was younger
Current Mood: nostalgic
12:56am: New Here
Ok I'm kinda new at this. I probably should start at the top. my name is Jesse. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I decided to write this because I would like to share my life with the world. I hope there are people out who want to hear about it
Current Mood: amused
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